committed to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction

At AJ Glass, we take pride in our commitment to always go above and beyond on every project, for every customer. Our entire team’s dedication to solving problems, offering superior quality, and exceeding expectations for our customers is truly what separates us from the competition in metro Atlanta’s commercial glass market.

Our services include:

  • Class A Interior Office Glass
  • Heavy Glass Entrances & Glass Walls
  • Painted Glass & Glass Marker Boards
  • Custom Metal Entrances
  • Commercial Storefronts
  • Custom Retrofit Hardware Specialist

No matter the service, our commitment to excellence throughout the full scope of each project is the foundation of the AJ Glass customer experience.

Trust your project in the hands of metro Atlanta’s commercial glass experts. The AJ Glass customer experience means:

  • Benefiting from our extensive expertise in engineering, commercial glass interiors, and metal fabrication
  • Utilizing our unique perspective and innovative thinking to solve problems and make any vision a reality
  • Working with a group of dedicated professionals in pursuit of excellence throughout the full scope of every project
  • Building a collaborative relationship with a trusted team of industry experts

cornerstones of the AJ Glass customer experience


Our team of professionals has a combined wealth of experience that is unequaled in metro Atlanta! We’ve built our industry expertise working alongside commercial construction leaders, earning a reputation for excellence and attention to detail. Our experience includes designing and engineering custom glass solutions that proved too challenging for the competition. Additionally, our commitment to education – not only academically, but also with extensive in-field training and required industry assessments and certifications – continually strengthens our team’s level of expertise.


Clients come to us when they’ve been told by others that their project vision is unachievable. “No, you can’t,” is what they’ve heard from other commercial glass installers. But, the AJ Glass team says, “Yes, you can!” We work diligently to discover solutions to even the most unusual commercial glass dilemmas. Uniquely engineered designs, leading-edge fabrication, and skillful, custom craftsmanship are hallmarks of an AJ Glass project.


Our established track record of industry achievement, recognition and merit is cemented by our uncompromising dedication to excellence from start to finish on every AJ Glass project. When asked what sets us apart, our customers tell us that it’s our scrupulous attention to detail, evident on every job. Our drive for excellence reinforces their decision to work with the best.


We strive to build long-lasting, valued relationships with our customers. We’re committed to being a trusted partner by offering dedicated support for questions, concerns, technical advisement, and unexpected issues. The entire AJ Glass team is available to provide honest, educated feedback throughout the entirety of a project.

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commercial glass interiors

We offer innovative, custom designs for commercial and retail spaces, including heavy glass entrances, glass walls, painted glass, aluminum frames, and storefronts.

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architectural painted glass

Painted glass complements any work space – from office suites, to collaborative and common areas, to elevator lobbies and corridors – with function and modern beauty.

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custom metal fabrication

All custom metal fabrication is done locally in metro Atlanta in our AJ Glass warehouse, and our retrofit hardware specialists are experts in the industry.

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