painted glass offers endless possibilities

Architectural painted glass is sleek and modern, yet flexible in application. It easily fits into traditional environments, as well as modern locations, and offers beauty and utility to offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other commercial spaces.

As certified installers of trevi painted glass, AJ Glass can provide glass in any color. trevi glass can also be tailored exclusively for each client for a truly unique design that enhances any space.

For example, the addition of company logos helps promote brand awareness. Including graphics like grids, charts or calendars creates fully functional glass marker boards that hold up to any marker, from dry erase to permanent. Even paint pens can be used.

incorporate painted glass into your space

The applications for trevi painted glass are limitless! Painted glass fits into any design and any type of space or building, adding beauty, function and an unexpected architectural touch.

Consider trevi painted glass for use as:

  • A Perfect Alternate or Upgrade to Traditional Marker Boards
    Glassboards, unlike standard white boards or marker boards, look just as good after years of use as the day they are installed. trevi painted glass doesn’t stain or show wear like traditional marker boards.
  • An Ideal Option for Backsplashes in Coffee Areas and Breakrooms
    Add custom colors with a glass surface that easily wipes clean, requiring little maintenance.
  • Entire Wall Installations in Conference or Focus Rooms
    Improve collaboration and brainstorming by providing a space where staff can literally write on the wall.
  • A Great Choice for Corridors and Elevator Lobbies
    Painted glass brings color to the walls, and it’s a highly durable surface that’s easy to wipe clean. Dirt and fingerprints don’t stand a chance on trevi painted glass.
  • Brand Awareness
    Painted glass can be customized to include logos, corporate taglines, or graphics in full color or as a watermark.

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